20 of the cutest yoga pants under $20

If you’re anything like me, you love yoga pants! I have to be dressed in uncomfortable business attire 9 hours a day. Once I’m off work there is no way I’m wearing slacks and a button down.

Thankfully, I do yoga or run daily. That gives me a pretty good excuse to spend the rest of my time in yoga pants and a slouchy top. Let’s be honest even if I didn’t do yoga I would still wear yoga pants!

The tough part is finding the cutest ones for decent prices. I have this one pair that I paid $60 for! Yikes, talk about breaking a budget.

Lucky for you, I curated this list of super cute yoga pants that I found on Amazon. The best part is they are all under $20!

Enough talking! Let’s get to the yoga pants!

1. Octopus.. or is it octopi?

These are right at the $20 limit priced at $19.99. They are too cute to pass up though!

2. Ombré Mandala yoga pants

These are only $11.04 and they are perfect for spring!

3. Green Asian Flower Yoga Pants:

This pair reigns in at $18.99 and go over the heel creating a ballerina appearance. I’m in love with the jade green color.

4. Loose Fitting Yoga Pants

I dont know about you,but to me these look like the ultimate comfort. I wonder how they would hold up during practice? This pair is only $14.99 so I know I will be finding out

5. Black and White Tree Pattern

Talk about matching any color top. At only $7.99 these are a steal.

6. Grey lace up yoga pants

These really show off the calves and they still have a girly vibe. Weighing in at only $16.99 they are worth every cent.

That sums up my list for now. Keep checking back because I will keep updating this list. It may have began with only 6 pairs, but I plan for it to quickly hit 100.

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Have a blessed and stress free day everyone.

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