5 Amazing Ceramic Artist you can Find on Amazon!

If you’re anything like me you might just have a love for pottery. Not just any pottery though. The special kind that you find in artist studios, handmade with a creative inspiration that you can feel when you hold it.

It’s a soul warming feeling that makes your heart swell. The type that you feel when a baby laughs. Full of love and light.

The studio tours in the Appalachian mountains are half the reason I live here. They provide me with an amazing pick me up when I feel down and bring my soul back to it’s proper alignment. That’s not something you can easily find amongst the hot Orlando tourist attractions.

I know not everyone is fortunate enough to live near an artists studio. However, you can easily find these amazing works of art on Amazon of all places. I know what you’re thinking “whaaaaat? Big commercial Amazon has artist work on it?” Of course they do! They literally have everything!

Anyways, on to the best part. My curated list of ceramic artist on Amazon:

  1. Castle arch pottery – hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland and produced in the yard of St.John’s castle. This pottery is gorgeous and made to last. I’m completely in love with this serving bowl.
  2. Clay in motion – owned by artists Bob and Corina Neher and nestled in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. This studio produces some amazing ocean and desert colored pieces. Like this
  3. Clay path studio – birthed from the basement of Brooke Teter and Kirsten Firlick. Clay paths pottery is unique and we’ll crafted. This oil bottle is totally calling my name!
  4. Gw pottery – Geoff Walsh is the name and berry bowls are his thing.
  5. Larrabee ceramics – Bruce Larrabee’s work involves a delightful pop of a color combined with a swirl pattern. His work is sure to brighten any dinner table.

This list may be a little short and sweet, but it’s still exciting that it exists at all. Let’s also remember that all of the pottery mentioned above is handcrafted and most of it is American made. Not to belittle the Irish, because their work is fabulous!

If you know of any artist selling their art/wares on Amazon comment below and I will add them to my list!

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