5 Best YouTube Yoga Channels to Improve Your Practice

Finding Zen in this insanely busy world can be difficult. Especially for us millennials!

I mean for many of us we are working multiple jobs, attempting to maintain a social life, trying to stay fit-ish, finding random moments for down time, struggling to keep up with trends, figuring out how to date with a crowded schedule… Oh wait did I even eat today?

You get the point right? Well the thing is it’s no wonder we are all so stressed out. Our student debt is enough to crush the hopes of generations before us! Let alone everything else we have to tackle just to make some semblance of a life.

To maintain some sanity we have to find a way to let go of all that stress. One of the ways I do that is yoga. It helps to stretch out those tired muscles, keep me in shape and it clears my head from all of the cluttered thoughts.

The thing is it’s hard for me to fit in in-person yoga classes with my schedule. Not having a professional yoga instructor there to guide you can damage your practice. Yoga in bad form can actually cause more stress on your body rather than relieving it.

When I’m strapped for time I turn to videos to help me in proper form while practicing yoga. Since weeding through all of those yoga channels can be a pain I figured I would share my favorites with you.

Top 5 yoga videos on YouTube:

  • SarahBethYoga – Her channel has a broad variety of yoga videos. She covers everything from beginners yoga to prenatal. I highly recommend the Zen in Ten video for a quick destressing.
  • Yoga With Adrienne – I love her 30 day dedicate challenge! Adrienne is a highly experienced yoga instructor and also has a wide variety of videos.
  • Ali Kamenova – Ali has created her own interval style yoga. If you’re wanting a good work out with your Zen this is the channel to visit.
  • Sean Vigue – Sean is a great instructor for those guys that think yoga is too girly. He offers several quick videos and even a few challenges to help get you into the practice.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – This channel is designed for kids. If you’re looking to get your little one into yoga this is the place to start. The videos are easy to follow and make doing yoga really fun.

That’s my rundown of go to yoga videos. I know there are many more out there, but I can’t spend all of my time reviewing yoga YouTube channels, unfortunately.

If you have any yoga channels that you would like to recommend please feel free to comment them below and if I like it I will add them to the list!

Also, if you’re thinking about starting yoga and would like to know a little about yoga gear check out my articleThe 2019 Yoga Gear Guide for Beginners.


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