5 Grain Free Dog Treats to try Today.

Not to jump on a bandwagon with grain free dog treats or anything. Grains do make my dog excessively hyper though. As in full on ADHD madness! So I try to limit them as much as I can.

I also, love cooking and being an awesome dog mom, so I occasionally make my own treats. The thing is good recipes can be hard to find. So I’m sharing with you a few of my favorites. This list like all of my others will continue to grow.

Now I do limit grains with Luna because they make her hyper. However, many people cut them out because of allergies. If you’re pooch has allergies always double check the ingredients on a recipe for potential allergens. There’s no need in taking a risk with your fur babies health.

Amazing grain free dog treats curated for you:

  • grain-free peanut butter pumpkin dog treats these easy to make dog treats from Urban bliss life are perfect for any pooch. This is the very first recipe I ever used to make my own treats. They really are super easy and my Luna loves them!
  • Sweet potato dog treats Devoted Dog World came up with this recipe and they knock it out of the park. This one includes several variations so it can easily suit any pup and accommodate the cooks skill level.
  • DIY Bacon dog treats OMC one ups the standard pumpkin and peanut butter treats by adding chopped bacon into the mix. Do you know a dog that doesn’t love bacon?
  • Homemade chicken jerky for dogs the bark magazine gives a great how to on making jerky treats for you pup. Talk about being the ultimate pet mom!
  • All of the dehydrated treats! I’m serious here. If you enjoyed the jerky treat recipe above then you have to check this one out. Dehydrator spot explains everything from how to store them, to how to make several amazing looking treats!

That’s the start of this curated list. In case you haven’t noticed I like starting things in 5’s and working my way up. I always continue to add to lists as I find things that are worthy.

If you’ve tried a recipe that is worthy of this list or made your own and you want to see it posted drop me a comment below and I will check it out!

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