6 Amazing Sous Vide Recipes

6 Amazing Sous Vide Recipes

Last week I talked about my sous vide discovery. Now I want to share some of my favorite sous vide recipes. Just in case you’re thinking about trying sous vide cooking yourself and need a good place to start!

Before we get to the recipes I must say that using the sous vide to put dinner on auto pilot is a special kind of amazing.

I have a teenager, a 10 month old fur baby, two jobs, and a boyfriend taking up a lot of my time. So anything that helps with the household duties without sacrificing quality is a huge win!

With the Anova, it’s so easy to put dinner on autopilot and still have it fullfil my insane foodie needs. This thing actually enhances the flavor rather than damaging it like a microwave or George Foreman does.

Anyways, on to the recipes! Most of these I have already tried. A few of them I am dying to try though.

My top sous vide recipes:

That’s my round up at the moment. I’m sure I will add more as I become obsessed with them :p who knows maybe I will even make my own for you to try!

I do love sous vide recipes though so please share your favorite below.

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