7 Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is getting tougher these days. Many Americans spends 8 hours a day at a 9-5 staring at a computer screen. Then they go home only to stare at their phones, the television, or even another computer screen. The fast pace of ever changing technology has forced everyone into this nasty routine where you spend all day working, then spend all evening studying new practices that involve your work. 

The only way to break that cycle is to develop a routine that enables you to have a solid work-life balance. Let’s discuss some things you can do today to get on the road to maintaining a good work-life balance:

  1. Listen to music at work: enjoying some tunes while you work can help to alleviate some of the stress in your routine. It will also break up a bit of the monotony.
  2. Ask for help when you are overwhelmed: it may feel needy or like you can’t handle your own job, it isn’t though. Everyone needs help sometimes. Besides, how many bosses have you heard giving the old “teamwork is dreamwork” line. It may be a tired phrase, but it’s very true. 
  3. Set manageable goals: when you’re at work make a list every morning of what you have to accomplish that day and make it happen. At home set goals to get your errands and chores finished on time. Using this practice will give you more down time. It will also give you a clear sense of what you have accomplished in a day.
  4. Learn to say no: if you’re always being a yes man, then you won’t have time to say yes to yourself. Taking on extra tasks will eat up all of that time you could’ve spent living your life. It’s okay to say no to people. 
  5. Exercise frequently: when you exercise on a regular schedule it helps your body to regulate hormones more efficiently. This hormone regulation will help immensely with stress reduction. It will also give you time to yourself. Time that you can use to clear your head, and blow off some stressful thoughts.
  6. Meditate: meditation may seem strange if you’ve never done it. You do get used to it in time though. Meditating frequently helps to keep stressful thoughts from piling up. It sort of clears out the closet inside your brain. You can even try combining it with exercise. Take a walk/run to a quiet place, once there take a break, have sit down and meditate. You will be surprised at the changes you will see in yourself after.
  7. Unplug: in today’s world technology is literally at our fingertips, all day everyday. That doesn’t mean you need to go into information overload on a daily basis. It’s okay to put your phone down, turn off the TV, and go spend time with friends and family. 

If you can’t manage to try all 7 of those tips, then just try one. Pick one tip from that list and put it into action today. Then build on that action by using 2 of those tips next week. Keep adding to your list of actions and before you know it you will have developed a proper work-life balance.

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