7 To Die For Slow Cooker Recipes

We here at HandMe the Mountains are huge slow cooker fans. The convenience of being able to put the food on before work and come home to a home cooked meal makes my life so much easier.

We don’t eat out much for health and finance sake. Yet, there are still those days where we wind up in a pinch on time. To save from grabbing fast food, I always prep a few slow cooker meals and freeze them in freezer bags. Then I can just throw one on as I leave for work.

The thing with slow cooker meals is that you have to get the seasoning right from the get go. You won’t be there to taste and adjust like you are when cooking over the stove.

That’s why it’s best to start with recipes. Just until you get the hang of it enough to be able to make your own that is.

I also turn to recipes when I’m having a foodie block. Sometimes I just don’t have the creativity to come up with my own. It’s a rare event that comes after several 60+ hour work weeks. I just loose my foodie mojo.

Really I start to lose my mojo period and go into what I call robot mode. That’s those “huh, what did you say?” moments of spaced out got to get it doneness.

Anyways, I’ve compiled a long list of recipes I turn to when that happens. I of course can’t share them all right now or this post would be so long no one would want to read it! I’m going to go with my top 10 though and maybe another day and time share 10 more. Perhaps, I will even share some that I’ve created myself. I do make a mean slow cooker pot roast!

My top 7 Slow Cooker Recipes:

That’s a run down of my favorite slow cooker recipes! Keep in mind that all of these could easily be converted to insta pot recipes if that’s what you prefer.

I actually decided while writing this post that next week I will share my own recipe for slow cooker chicken fajitas!

In the meantime let me know about your favorite crock pot recipes below!

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