7 Actions to Become A Better You!

7 Actions to Become A Better You!

I have this crazy obsession with setting goals. I mean crazy! I wake up every morning planning my daily goals. If I don’t reach them, I’m beating myself up at the end of the day.

This of course is not good for my confidence. I mean if I’m beating myself up all the time then I have to be doing some damage right?!!!

I finally decided I need to work on this nasty habit, and a few others actually. Life is about becoming the best you, learning to be happy in your own skin and all that right?….

To me that’s our purpose, to learn all we can, develope ourselves into who and what we want to be, to be a version of us that truly makes us happy.

I don’t mean being someone we’re not, I mean being the best YOU! Everyone has their good and bad qualities. Embrace your strengths and build on your weaknesses. In the end the key to happiness is being happy with yourself.

Let’s talk about some positive goals and working on thy self. I’m going to share mine, and I hope you comment yours. After all, we need to talk more about being human BEINGS instead of human doings, and human buyings.

1.) No more beating myself up:

There are plenty of other people in this world that want to point out the negative. I aim to work on building up my positive. To do this I will celebrate my many small achievements, I will allow myself to take time off, and I will take time to meditate daily on the positive aspects of me.

2.) Exercise defeats the weak:

I always wind up busy and neglect my daily yoga/walk. It’s not a good practice to partake in. Exercise is great for self image, plus it gets those all too needed endorphins going. You know, those feel good happy endorphins. So I will take time to exercise every single day. Even if it’s a 10 minute walk, or 20 minute yoga routine. I’m doing it for myself, by myself.

3.) I will not indulge the should, would, or could have moments:

The thing is shoulding on yourself is a direct path to negative thinking. You can’t change the past, you can only alter your perception of it. So instead of thinking such negative thoughts, I will focus on what I did right, and what I can do to avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

4.) Having me time is good for the soul:

I don’t take time out for myself often. Even when I do I feel guilty for it. Like I don’t deserve to enjoy myself or something. This thought is ridiculous! I work my *** off all day everyday for everyone else. I very much deserve to take time to do activities just for myself. To fullfil this one I’m taking a pottery class. I have a serious passion for clay, and that amazing feeling you get when it seems to melt in your hands as the wheel turns. I need that kind of passion in my life!

5.) Find spirituality:

Everyone has their own view on religion and that’s fabulous. I’m not talking about religion though. I’m talking about that moment when something happens and you smile from the depths of your soul. Suddenly, you are one with the world. Happiness can’t even begin to describe those moments. For me it’s a mountain view, a sunset so beautiful it makes the Louvre look like child’s play, or that scraggly tatted up kid that helps a random old lady with her bags. That’s spiritual and I feel it with every fiber in my being.

6.) I will eat clean:

A big portion of what goes on in our brains is from what we put in our bodies. We are what we eat right? I currently eat semi clean. I’ve been letting myself go a bit too much lately and I am feeling the sluggishness take over. So I will eat clean, all day, every day. I will nourish my body from the inside out.

7.) No more missed pedicures:

To me when my feet look I look good. Plus that’s a me time I have missed oh so much! I love a good food massage and pretty painted toes. I am going to start treating myself monthly again.

That’s my list for now. It changes all the time, I add stuff, take stuff away and adjust it to my needs each and every week. I think everyone should have a list. We all need to work on ourselves, and do things for ourselves.

I also love reading about what people are doing for themselves. Drop your list in the comments below!