Best Cutting Boards for 2019

Cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. How do you choose the best cutting board though?

Well to be honest that depends on a few things like intended use, budget, and personal preference.

For instance we prefer bamboo for daily use and a nice wood board for dinner parties. I like the bamboo because it’s light weight and makes my food prep a little easier.

During a dinner party a nice wood board can double as a charcuterie tray or even be used to display cheeses and veggies as toppers for things like burgers.

I have a few thin flexible plastic cutting boards as well. Those are great for when you are dicing large amounts of things. It’s easy to bend them and just pour the contents into a pan. If you’re into green living plastic is not the option for you though.

Let’s move on to the good part and discuss some cutting boards I curated and further breakdown how to choose the best one.

Best cutting boards of 2019:

  1. Large walnut cutting board this is the style I use for dinner parties. The Mac daddy of cutting boards. It’s slip resistant, has beautiful wood grain, made by an eco conscious company, easy to wipe clean and will look gorgeous being used as a decorative charcuterie platter.
  2. Bamboo cutting board these babies are light weight and very convenient to use. They won’t slip like plastic and are very durable. I have had mine for over 4 years and they still look great. I love that they come in 3 sizes as well. Because sometimes you just need a little board to cook dinner for one or maybe just to dice some garlic up.
  3. Plastic flexible cutting boards these are the ones I mentioned above that are easy to dump ingredients from. At only $5 for 3 of them you can’t beat it. However, once plastic begins to get grooves it becomes nearly impossible to sanitize. I recommend using each color for something specific. Meats on one color, veggies on another…etc. that way you don’t risk any cross contamination.
  4. Decorative cutting board this one is just a bonus. How cute would this board be if used as a fruit display!


Choosing the best cutting board is actually just a personal preference. If we had to just choose one type though… Bamboo would win. It’s affordable, durable, renewable, lightweight and just overall simpler to use than all the rest. However, plastic may suit you better. Maybe, that gorgeous walnut board is what your heart desires. You could also just do what we do and have all 3 on hand for you know just in cases.

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