Essential oils That Benefit Mental Health

There are many articles claiming lavender or ylang ylang essential oil can fix your stress, cure anxiety, and even make you recover from addiction. They can’t actually fix it. However, essential oils can help.

Studies have proven that certain essential oils boost mood. Will that cure you? No. There is no quick fix for mental illness, including addiction.

That being said, boosting your mood will help you get through the day easier. Lavender does promote sleep. It won’t fix insomnia, but if you just need a little calm to ease off into sleep it will get you there.

To me there is no harm in using a holistic and natural approach to anything in life. If it helps even a little, then it’s very worth it. Besides they don’t carry negative side effects. Many prescription medicines have some very negative side effects. I’m prone to side effects. They can make me worse, rather than better.

When I need a little boost to get me through the day I turn to essential oils. I use for various things around the house. For now we will just go over my most used.

10 must have essential oils in your medicine cabinet:

  1. Lavender oil: lavender is by far my most used oil. I diffuse it when I’m overly anxious. I even put it on my dogs collar when she’s anxious to calm her down. Lavender is also used to clean counter tops. Just dilute 10-15 drops in a spray bottle and use it just like you would a multi-purpose cleaner. It breaks up oil and actually disenfects.
  2. Eucalyptus radiata: this type of eucalyptus has a minty scent and acts similar to camphor or Vicks vapor rub when diffused. I have horrible allergies and it clears up the congestion quickly. Eucalyptus radiata has the same antimicrobial, and calming properties as regular eucalyptus.
  3. Clary sage: this oil acts as a sedative. Combine it with lavender if you’re experiencing severe anxiety or need to fall asleep. It also helps to balance hormones, and brightens mood.
  4. Orange oil: orange brings about a happy feeling. Mix it with lavender if you need a pick me up. It also disenfects so it can be used like the lavender to clean with.
  5. Lemon oil: lemon works much like orange oil in that it brightens mood. You can rub it on the inside of planters as well to keep fruit flies out of house plants.
  6. Peppermint oil: pepper mint helps to clear negative energy. It also clears bad smells from an area, and mice hate it. You can dab it on a cotton ball and place the cotton in cabinets to prevent mice from getting in.
  7. Marjoram oil: this is another sedative. Be warned this one is not to be used if pregnant or before operating machinery. It can be combined with both lavender and clary sage. That combination will put you to sleep quickly.
  8. Bergamot: if you’ve ever drank earl grey tea this is what the citrus scent in it is. Bergamot oil is known for it’s calming effect. It calms in a way that allows you to let things go. It’s also great for tension and fear.
  9. Ylang ylang: it helps lower blood pressure, and can even put you in the mood. Mix it with your preferred anxiety blend to help get that blood pressure back to a normal state after a bad day.
  10. Vetiver: this helps with focus, anxiety and even ADD. It has an earthy lemon grass kind of smell that is grounding. Pure vetiver is also very thick so it can be difficult to drip out.
  11. Chamomile: it’s used for sleep and depression. You can diffuse the oil or purchase tea to drink.

While 11 essential oils were listed here there are many more. Read up on them before using them. Knowledge is power. Everyone should know the facts about something before using it. If you know these facts, other oils, or ways to blend them discuss it in the comments below.

One day at a time. Recovery and mental health will not be cured overnight. It’s a lifelong process. Let’s make it there together.

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