How to Recognize Addiction in Yourself

Have you found yourself wondering if you might be addicted to something? With the rising addiction rates around the world, it’s a question many people are asking themselves. Whether it be, prescribed medication or a substance taken for leisure, it’s possible to become addicted without even knowing it. 

There are a few observations you can make about yourself to determine if you are addicted or not. 

Want vs. Need

Addiction makes you feel as if you need to have it, almost the same as needing to eat. For many, the need to use or drink is actually stronger than the need for food. The substance becomes something your body and mind need to have to function on a normal level. Without it, you can’t think as clearly, your body doesn’t function correctly, and it may just consume your every thought. If you’ve had a stressful day and want it to relax, or maybe you’re tired and want something to help get you going then it’s not addiction. Do keep in mind that casual use is what eventually leads to addiction though.

Can you say no?

Saying no isn’t just not using, it’s also knowing when you’ve had enough. If it’s drinking do you know your limits or are you always having one too many? Say it’s prescribed medicine, do you find yourself taking more than the prescribed dose on a daily basis? Have you gone from using your own needle to being okay sharing a needle with a stranger? These are all instances of not being able to say no. Not being able to control oneself is a sign of addiction.

Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms?

The symptoms of withdrawal can come on quicker than most people think. It can be while the drug is wearing off, the next day or for some a few days after abstaining. These symptoms include a lack of emotional control, physical exhaustion, nausea, restlessness, anxiety, excessive sweating, tingling, overall pain, hallucinations, excessive hunger, insomnia, and even muscle cramps. Experiencing any number of these symptoms after drug use could very well mean you’re addicted.

If you have found yourself needing a substance, become unable to say no, or are experiencing withdrawal symptoms after use then you may very well be addicted. The first step to beating addiction is knowing you are addicted. The next step may very well be seeking help. 

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