My anxiety blog primer

These days mental health is becoming more and more prevalent. It seems like everyone is battling some type of mental illness ranging from anxiety to PTSD.

If you’ve had to battle any type of mental illness you know how daunting the task is. I personally have anxiety, and there are days that the thought of doing dishes can be too much for me.

I was clinically diagnosed at the age of 12, but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel anxious. I’m pretty sure it’s been there my entire life.

At first I went the medication route. I talked to my doctor, a counselor, and a psychiatrist at 15 years old. They put me on Xanax because, during highschool my anxiety was so bad nothing else helped. Keep in mind that this was a little while before anyone realized just how addictive benzodiazapines are.

Several years later when I got pregnant with my daughter I had to go off of the prescribed Xanax. That’s when the symptoms of addiction hit me full force. I had no clue the medicine I had been on for years could do that to me. I was devastated.

After I had my daughter I wound up going through several trial treatment rounds of other anxiety medications. None of them fully worked. I always still had symptoms, or side effects from the medicine.

It took me 6 years to realize that a big part of the problem was that I needed to work on myself. This very thing is what brought me out of a city and into the mountains. I spent time learning about me, what I wanted, what gave me comfort, my goals, and my internal emotions.

I’m not saying this journey erased my anxiety. Nothing cures anxiety, or any other mental illness for that matter. Part of having a mental illness is understanding that you will always have it. The key is to learn to manage it.

With or without prescription medicine you still need to learn to manage your mental illness. Many people can manage well enough to not require a prescription.

However, some people cannot. It doesn’t make anyone any different the others. Every illness is different, and some have progressed further than others due to genetics, or past trauma.

In this blog I will be discussing ways to manage mental illnesses. Whether, you are someone that needs a prescription, takes natural supplements to manage, or doesn’t need to take anything at all the information I will be posting here can help you.

I am not a doctor. I am someone surviving everyday with anxiety, and depression. What I will be sharing with you are things that I have actually done myself, or know others that have had success with. I will not be talking to you about snake oil and glitter to make anxiety go away.

I will be sharing my preferred exercise methods, supplements I use, meditation, ways to stay positive, healthy diet tips, and whatever else I find that actually helps.

Keep in mind that what helps me may not help you. I however, can assure you that everything I share will be either backed up by scientific research or actual experience.

As always please feel free to share your thoughts, experience, and any valuable tips for others to read. It’s crucial that we all build a community to help give us all the support we so desperately need.

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