My mirena story

First, I would like to say this story isn’t as much about mirena as it is about health care practitioners not listening to their patients. It really is a shame that health care costs what it does and the doctor YOU are paying won’t even hear you.

A brief history of me

I wanted to add this part so anyone reading will fully understand just how little we are listened to as patients, as women, as a society.

This all began when I was 31 years old. To that point in my life I was outgoing, energetic (I have ADHD), althletic, organized and emotionally stable. I stand at 5’3″ weighed 130 pounds, and could easily run 3 miles.

All of a sudden I began having debilitating lower abdominal pains, nausea, fatigue that made me unable to function by noon, mood swings, severe panic attacks, headaches, breast pain and rapid weight gain (I looked pregnant). All of this was before I ever had mirena inserted. Before I ever experienced any of the dreaded mirena side effects.

I immediately went to my primary care physician only to be told she can’t find anything wrong. She said ” give it a week and if it continues we will run tests”. $300 down the drain.

A week later it only got worse. I went back to the doctor who then, talked to me like I was crazy, but she finally ran blood work and did an ultrasound. Nothing was found.

A month later I called her office in tears because I was about to lose my job over the fatigue. I couldn’t stay organized and was losing track of accounts. I literally could not function.

She said she had no clue what to look for and ask me what tests I wanted her to run. I said “what the hell are you getting paid for if you have to ask your patients how to treat them?” I demanded a specialist at that point.

It took me 2 months to get an appointment with said specialist. At this time I’m 3.5 months into this ordeal and had a very expensive ER trip because I was literally having pains so bad they resembled labor.

The specialist ran a multitude of tests. She found some hormone imbalances, a vitamin D deficiency, and my triglycerides were completely out of whack.

After several follow up appointments, she proposed a laproscopy to check my ovaries and for endometriosis. We’re now at 6 months.

During the laproscopy, she noticed that my ovary was torqued. It had been torqued for 7 months. I nearly lost my ovary because no one would listen to me at all. Now it’s covered in surgical mesh and I have potentially lost fertility.

She also caught that I have hyperplasia. She put me on hormonal oral contraceptives and I was to have my uterus scraped in 3 months.

The hormones made me bat shit crazy, but I did have energy again, the pain had stopped, I felt better physically. Emotionally was another story.

After the first scraping my lining was a bit thinner. I discussed my emotional state with her and she talked me into mirena. I was told the hormones barely enter your bloodstream. The side effects of mirena were never discussed.

The mirena hell

First off, mirena insertion was horrible. I nearly passed out on the table. Having your cervix dilated is no joke.

After that, I had some slight cramping for a few days, but was otherwise fine. Then a month later all of the previous symptoms from my ovary being torqued returned. The side effects of mirena hit me full force. I was chugging coffee and popping ibuprofen like a mad woman. The nausea was unbearable and my mood resembled a roller coaster straight to hell. Let’s also add that I may have bled lighter, but it was every other week.

I demanded for 3 months to have the mirena taken out. She just kept saying I would adjust and brushing it off. I finally gave up and decided to see if I would adjust. I mean who knows some do adjust to the mirena just fine.

At 5 months post mirena insertion, I was on my period. I put in a tampon before bed as usual. Only i was awoken by severe vaginal pains. I remember crying out it hurt so badly.

My first instinct was to take the tampon out. So I got up and went into the restroom. I proceeded to remove it. When I did I felt something odd inside my vagina. This kind of pricking feeling.

I reach up inside and felt around trying to figure out what this pricking feeling was. Low and behold the mirena had come out. I assume the tampon and IUD being inside my vagina was what was causing the pain.

Afterward I held it in my hand looking at that tiny little piece of plastic in awe, thinking how have you caused me so much torture? How can this tiny thing do so much damage?

Post mirena removal

The pain subsided immediately. I bled for 9 days though. I was dropping clots the size of Texas as well. I had called my doctor the morning after t came out and asked if I needed to be seen. She said yes, so we can put another one in. I laughed and hung up the phone.

I made an appointment with another doctor. They checked me out and said I was fine to be off of bc for a while to see if my body evened out. The mirena coming out caused no damage to my uterus or cervix.

My mood immediately improved, sex drive came back, hair thickened back up, I had energy again. Things were finally looking up after feeling awful for over a year.

Now 4 weeks later, the dreaded mirena crash has hit me. I had my actual period after only 3 weeks. Since it has ended I’m moody, the cramps have continued, nausea back full force, did I mention moody, I’m on day 4 of a migraine, and my breasts are on fire.

I poas this morning just to rule that out. It was negative of course. Not pregnant just still dealing with hormone induced hell.

The thing is, I would not have endured this process, any part of it, for this long had someone just heard me. I am educated, I work in healthcare, and I’m very self aware. If I say something is wrong with me, I fucking mean it.

I’ve spent the last year feeling crazy and doubting myself so many times because some doctor talked to me like I was stupid. What gives them the right to act better than everyone else?

It’s not right. No one should have to deal with being treated that way. Especially not by someone they are paying to see them.

Think about it, if you pay a mechanic to fix your car and the part he fixes breaks a few days later he has to fix it for free. If you talk down to your boss you get fired. If a McDonald’s worker treated a customer the way some doctors treat patients they wouldn’t have a job.

So why is it physicians can get away with treating people the way they do? It makes no sense, and it sure as hell isn’t right.

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