My Reasons for Eating Clean

Here’s the thing guys clean eating is not about being on some crazy crash diet to lose weight quickly. It is a lifestyle choice to become healthier and cut the trash out of your diet.

The thing is rather than reading every label, counting every gram of fat, tracking those calories and all of that other tediously exhausting crap I just eat clean.

I went clean last year and dropped 32 pounds without all of the headache and starvation that comes with your typical dieting. The thing is I cut out all of the crap when I made the switch. That alone made it easy to start dropping the weight off.

Now I just plan things around what I know is healthy. For breakfast I have a fruit, a carb and a protein, for lunch 2 vegetables and a protein, snacks are a protein and a dairy or carb if I’m tired, dinner is a protein and 2 vegetables. All I drink is water, unsweetened tea and coffee with only cream in it.

That’s how I plan my meals though. Super easy and it makes shopping a breeze. I just buy 7 dinner proteins, 14 dinner vegetables, use leftovers for lunch, grab 3 snack options in quantity enough for the week, and 2 different breakfast options.

It’s not fancy and it’s actually quite cheap. I feed 2 people for a week for around $80 at Aldi. I however, do use a lot of herbs, garlic, and spicy things like crushed red pepper, curry powder, Sriracha and Chipotle. You got to be able to mix things up in the kitchen to prevent boredom.

I do occasionally track caloric and fat intake. I’m always right where I need to be at about 1600 calories a day though with minimal fat intake. Most of my fat intake is from dairy and almond butter actually. I have a serious almond butter problem.

“Hi my name is Elizabeth and I eat a jar of almond butter every week, sometimes 2 jars.”

Here’s the deal with clean eating:

  • No processed foods
  • No soda or sugary drinks
  • No added sugar at all actually
  • No fast food
  • Only healthy fats (think olive, coconut and avacado oils)
  • No refined carbs (ditch the white bread)
  • No alcohol (except on special occasions)

Sound tough? It’s not really. The thing is it takes 6 weeks to develop new habits. So if you just stick to it for 6 weeks it will begin to be a part of your normal.

I recommend taking a cheat day at the end of the first 6 weeks. Then you can have them once a month after that or on special occasions.

I’m also not selling you anything here. There actually isn’t some awesome clean eating Bible out there that will magically help you get healthy.

You just have to pick a diet and stick with it. For me that’s eating clean.

This post is actually just to inform you and to give you some insight as to why all of the recipes I create are the way they are.

I give no guarantee that any of my recipes will help you lose weight. They do however, follow a clean eating diet. Unless it’s a cheat day recipe or something I made for a get together. I do loooove to bake!

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