Oh For The Love of Curry

We here at HandMe the Mountains have a serious love affair with curry. So much so that my extremely picky teenager will eat any vegetable if I coat it in curry powder.

The thing is this foodie (yes right here, ME) had never eaten curry until I was 30. I had no clue what I was missing out on! In the last umm few years I have tried more curries than I can count.

Each and every curry is different. The thing is curry is just a blend of spices cooked in a thickened broth. Sometimes it’s just the spices coating something as well (the way my daughter eats veggies). So every chef, every country and every region has it’s own way of doing curry.

My favorite is phanaeng: a red Thai curry with a coconut milk base. It’s salty, sweet, spicy and nutty. Those are all my favorite flavors.

My second favorite is Madras curry: a British curry powder typically used in a yogurt and stock base. It’s spicy, earthy, and salty. This powder is what we use on veggies in my house. Our favorite is asparagus coated in olive oil, tossed in Madras curry and garlic, drizzled with soy sauce and broiled until just tender.

Now I’m drooling… So let’s get to some curry blends.

Top 5 curry spice blends

  1. Madras curry by a spice affair: notice there’s no link here. It’s actually hard to find. You can’t order it regularly on their website, it’s a specialty spice blend. I find it at TJ Maxx on rare occasion and stock up. This is the blend to use on veggies though. (If anyone knows a good source I will love you forever for telling me)! It’s only #1 because I use it the most.
  2. Mae Anong Phanaeng Curry Paste– of course you can buy this at a local Thai market. If that’s not available in your area the link above is to Amazon. This is my favorite curry by far. Not too spicy, not too salty, just a wonderful blend of taste bud delighting flavors.
  3. Mae Anong Green Curry Paste – Thai green curry is my second favorite. It’s pretty spicy though so if you aren’t into spicy then I don’t recommend it. If you are then go go go!! Remember to use Thai basil to give it that hint of licorice.
  4. Vindaloo Curry Powder – vindaloo is the spiciest of curries that I’ve tried. This brand is one of the best I’ve ever had. The link will take you to Amazon, but you can find vindaloo at a local Indian market, or make your own.
  5. S&B Golden Curry Blocks – these are for the lazy chef. It’s little blocks that melt like butter in water and create a pretty tasty curry in minutes. All you do is follow the package instructions and add whatever ingredients you choose. They come in mild, medium and hot. They can be found in most supermarkets these days, Asian markets or on Amazon via the link above. Also, they are fairly salty. I only use them in a pinch for a quick meal. They are good though, and cheap. It’s like the box Mac and cheese of curry.

Alright, those are but a few of my favorite curries. They only touch on the vaste variety of the curry world.

Like all of my curated lists, this one will grow… Exponentially! Since I love me some curry.

Also, as always drop your favorites below!

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