10 Ways to Get Over Your Loser EX

Okay so the title may be a bit dramatic, but that’s how I feel right now. The thing is my relationship that lasted just over 3 years ended in January. I spent so much time and energy on it that I was lost when it was over. I mean our life goals were my life.

Now here I am nearly 3 months later finally developing my own goals, and my own life. It’s been a journey to say the least. Lot’s of tears were shed, sleepless nights endured, and many moments of emotional exhaustion have been survived.

I’m actually about to share some of the things I did to end that turmoil with you. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there in that “why did this happen to me” or the “what is wrong with me” phase after a break up.

You can move on, you can rebuild your life and you will get over it. Don’t worry, just because it feels like the end…..it isn’t.

10 things you can do to get over your ex and be happy:

  1. Try some morning meditation:getting yourself focused first thing and setting your frame of mind on the right track can make your entire day easier.
  2. Revamp/makeover yourself: we all know the way we look was altered by our past lover in some way shape or form. Erase all of what they created and establish a new look that gives you confidence.
  3. Make some new goals: always wanted to accomplish something or go somewhere new? Now is the time to make it happen. It will restore some of your confidence.
  4. Redecorate your space: if you still have that old painting your ex picked out, ditch it, burn it even who cares. Go get yourself some new decor and create the space that makes you at peace.
  5. Start dating again: now I don’t mean jump into a serious relationship, but go to lunch/dinner with some handsome fella. It will remind you how fun things can be.
  6. Stick to that diet: we all know how bad we beat ourselves up about appearance after a break up. So go ahead, get your sexy back.
  7. Remind yourself that it wasn’t working: we all tend to dwell on the good times after a break up and miss our exes even more. Think over all the things that neither of you were happy about and know that those things are reality. It was never just the perfect moments.
  8. Forgive yourself and him: oh yes I mean truly forgive, but never forget. Those things are a part of you now, but you don’t need to dwell on them or beat yourself up over it. Just let go and let live.
  9. Work on yourself: remember that time you threw an awful fit instead of communicating well? Or any other time the problem was actually your fault? Yeah, we all have issues. Now is the time to work on those issues. They don’t go away with your ex, they will continue in future relationships. So work on it, and make sure you don’t wind up making the same mistake twice.
  10. Do not text, call, email, snap, insta, tweet, or otherwise speak to your ex in any way shape or form for at least 30 days: this will give you time to work on you, and to let all of those feelings rest. The longer you communicate with them, the longer it will take to move on. So just spare yourself the misery and cut them off cold.

I hope this list is as helpful to you as it was for me. If you have any additional suggestions to add, or if this list helped you comment about it below! Happy New beginnings everyone,



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