The 2019 Yoga Gear Guide for Beginners

In case you haven’t noticed we here at HandMe the Mountains love yoga. While yoga doesn’t actually require any gear at all, yoga gear sure does make practice more comfortable. Besides yoga pants are literally the most comfortable thing you can wear.

Also, could imagine doing yoga in jeans? You would be like SpongeBob and rip your pants. Hopefully, no one would write a song about you though. No one wants a song to commemorate ripping their pants. Back to the topic at hand…

When you’re first starting out all that gear can be a bit overwhelming. What do you even take to your first yoga class anyways?

Well I’m about to tell you! Hold your horses!

To start with if you are going to a class they will provide the mat, blocks, and possibly bands depending on the class. So remember that when you read my gear guide. You will only need those things if you are practicing at home.

Essential yoga gear:

  • Gaiam Yoga Mat you can buy any mat of course. I like gaiam because it’s a trusted brand, reasonably priced and it’s extra thick to keep your knees from hurting in certain poses. You also want to make sure your mat is slip resistant enough to keep you from sliding around and getting hurt.
  • Yoga Pants yoga pants come in a variety of fits and can be loose or fitted. They keep you from ripping your pants… I chose these because I’m currently obsessed with the loose fitting lounge style right now. They look sooooooo comfy!
  • Sports Bra ladies you have to control your tatas while doing yoga. It’s extremely important not only to keep them in your shirt, but to also keep them from moving around and throwing you off balance.
  • Yoga Top because well you have to wear a shirt and it should be made for your practice. Yoga tops will be flexible and breathable to keep you comfortable while doing yoga.
  • Hydroflask water container for a water bottle you can go with whatever brand you like. I love my hydro flask though. It’s metal so it will never break and this company is very eco conscious.
  • Yoga Bag of course you’re going to need something to carry it all in. I like this style of yoga bag because it separates your mat (which will get sweaty) from all of your other belongings. It will also hold a change of clothes in case you have places to be after yoga class.

There you have at a beginners gear list to get you started in your yoga practice. I tried to carefully choose some quality yet reasonably priced items. There’s no need in spending a ton just to get started.

If you have any gear suggestions or comments on the gear I listed please feel free to share them below!

You may also want to check out my article on YouTube yoga channels if you plan to practice at home.

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