The Top 6 Addiction Stories on YouTube

The Top 6 Addiction Stories on YouTube

Sometimes I still have bad days. Watching, reading, or listening to addiction recovery stories helps get me through. If it helps me, maybe it will help you too.

Today was hard. For no reason except the thoughts inside my own mind.

It can be my own personal hell in there at times. One little thing happens, and I go into worst case scenarios. I create my own sense of impending doom.

One little mistake, so little it doesn’t even actually matter. That’s all it takes.

I put myself in a panic attack at the optometrist with my daughter. Then the doctor asked me a question, I stuttered, and then my brain filled with all these tiny mistakes.

I convinced myself I’m a huge fuck up. Then I wanted to use, I got angry, I got impatient, and I let that cycle kick my ass once again.

It’s okay though, I have a program. I had too much on my plate to get to a meeting today. So I came home prepped for my 15 year olds first date without me chaperoning. Once she left, I made a kick ass pot of coffee, did some yoga, and watched these recovery videos.

I’m back now, centered, focused, and on my game. I can handle the rest of my night without a break down.

It’s okay to have a momentary derailing. It’s not okay to wallow in it and let it consume you. Consumption will lead to using.

Find your game plan, write it down, and use it! In the meantime check out these videos. Remember, if they did it, so can you!

6 amazing YouTube recovery stories:

  1. Cole Chance Cole’s journey through recovery led her to practicing yoga. Mine has put me there as well and I always love a similar story.
  2. Jackie’s story Jackie shows a lot of self awareness and growth in this story. The backstory is a tough one to listen to.
  3. Kate Flowers Kate tells her story with emotion that you can feel. Her every word, and facial expression just brings how she feels right into your own heart.
  4. Sara This one hit home for me and brought me to tears.
  5. Rodney Rodney’s story talks about alcohol through generations.
  6. Abdi Abdi talks about anger, and violence with addiction. This story also shares how yoga helped with recovery.

I only got to six because that was all I needed. Next time I’ll just add what I watch to this list. I want to say a big congratulations to everyone out there that is on their recovery journey. Also, everyone that’s not, you will get there. I have faith in you!!