5 Affordable and Amazing Coffee Makers

I have a serious coffee obsession. Did I just say that out loud? Oh well it is what it is I suppose. Anyways, to avoid spending a ton of money on a high end espresso machine I developed my own brewing ritual. It leaves me with a perfect cup of morning brew, yet doesn’t break the bank.

I mean I would love to be able to go to my favorite cafe multiple times a day and have that perfect frothy cup of deliciousness made for me. I can’t afford that though. Plus, I live in the middle of nowhere so that’s a 20 min drive.

The other end of this is that my morning ritual is down to an art. If I don’t complete it in the right order I am a hot mess all day long! Which is why I call it a ritual. I get my game plan down for the entire day while I make my first cup of heaven.

Every coffee lover has their perfect cup. Whether it be a shot in the dark and black as night, full of froth and medium roast, light roast loaded with sugar and cream, iced, blended, single origin….etc.

I’m going to review a few brewers and some tools to help you make the perfect cup without breaking the bank!

First on my list is grinders, because if you actually love coffee you have to have fresh ground beans. The thing is once a bean is ground it begins to dry out and lose it’s flavor. Fresh grinding is the way to go if you want that bold flavor you get at a coffeehouse.

That being said I also hate having too many kitchen tools that are single use. By that I mean that only do one thing. They take up space and create a cluttered kitchen. So I will also be listing a few options that are multi-use.


  • NutriBullet which cost about $49 on Amazon. This one is a bullet blender and the one I use personally. It’s great for me because I also drink a lot of protein shakes and smoothies.
  • MagicBullet another bullet blender that is only $29. My mother uses this one and it is almost as good as my NutriBullet.
  • Cuisinart spice and nut grinder a friend of mine uses this one. It grinds nicely and she is gluten free so she also uses it to make nut flours to cook with. It’s $34 on Amazon.
  • Cuisinart supreme grind o matic this one costs about $35 and it can hold all of your beans. It will only grind the amount you select at a time as well. If you’re looking for the most convenient way to grind at an affordable price this is the way to go.
Alright, now that we have reviewed some grinders let’s discuss the brewers. Brewers vary a lot in the strength and flavor they bring out in the coffee so pick the brewer that suits your taste.
  • Bodum pour over this is my go to at $19. I use this more than any other brewer. It’s easy to control the strength, holds exactly the amount I drink in a day, and I love hearing my tea kettle whistle in the morning. I also occasionally put the carafe with left over coffee in the fridge to make iced coffee.
  • Bodum french press you will notice the first 2 on my list are Bodum. The thing is they make a high quality product at affordable prices. This press is just $25 and you can buy replacement parts at Target should you break the glass and need it quick. The French press creates a strong brew for when you really need to wake up. I call it rocket fuel!
  • The Original Cold Brew Tap at $45 this gallon jug cold brew system can keep you hopping for days. Cold brew has less acidity than other coffees and is recommended for those with a sensitive stomach. I love using this one for parties, and I have made sun tea in the jug as well.
  • Keurig Classic this is the Keurig I have simply because mine was a gift eons ago. It’s now $99 I think mine cost more like $300 back when they first came out. If you are in a hurry this baby will do the trick.
  • Gourmia this baby will brew your espresso and froth your milk and at $79 it’s not that bad. The thing is a friend of mine has one and it doesn’t quite get the froth to my liking. That’s the thing with espresso machines though. The lower end ones are lower quality. If you aren’t froth crazy like me check it out!

Alright so as you can tell I love Bodum products the most. They’re just so affordable and they really work great.

On to the final part of the perfect latte the froth. I’m going to be honest here I’ve only actually liked one frother I’ve used which is The Bodum Electric Frother. At only $24 you can’t beat it. This baby makes some thick froth as well! The hand held versions just don’t get it thick enough for me.

I love latte recipes so if you have any or use any of these products drop me a comment below!

Here’s a bonus coffee machine for you to check out My Zojirushi Coffee Maker Review!

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