10 Things That Really Grind my Gears


Everyone has pet peeves, especially me. I’m a Leo and for me, it’s less about attention and more about controlling each and every situation. Therefore, when things aren’t going my way, I am very annoyed.

That being said there are a few things that grind my gears worse than anything else. Those are my pet peeves.

My top 10 pet peeves:

  1. When I’m driving and people cut me off, then slow down. It drives me absolutely insane!
  2. Panickers, I really really really don’t like them. You know those people that freak out and make a mountain out of a molehill, while simultaneously trying to get everyone to climb the crazy mountain with them.
  3. Extreme gossip, I know everyone gossips to some degree. There are those that take it to a whole new level and actually fabricate the gossip they are spreading out of thin air (which is what their heads are filled with). Those people are the ones that I can’t stand.
  4. You know when you are cooking and it just doesn’t turn out right? Yeah, it drives me crazy. I don’t mean ruined completely, I mean the plating was off a little or it needed a tad more of an ingredient. Yes, I am that OCD about my food.
  5. Being interrupted when I am talking. There are those people that think they know what you are saying, but they don’t really. Oh and those that think their opinion is more important than yours. Yeah, I am not into either of those people.
  6. A snag in my fingernail… I am not a nail-biter unless there is a snag. At that point, I will chew it down to a painful nub just to make it even.
  7. Country Music. That stuff was created by the devil just to make my ears bleed. I live in the south and love the southern accent, but I just can’t stand the twang in country music.
  8. Not being the boss. I am the boss after all. I have been in management since 19 at pretty much every job I have ever worked at. Running things is just what I do, it’s in my blood. So when I am not in control of things, I have a little panic attack (okay maybe a big one). Point is, I AM THE BOSS!
  9. People who repeat themselves over and over and over and over again. I am not stupid I can remember the first time around. To me, this repetitive speech is just redundant and a waste of my time.
  10. Last but definitely not the least, puking noises. I can not stand vomit!! I even work in healthcare and am used to all sorts of gross things. However, vomit is a no go for me. The sound alone makes me want to cringe, let’s not even discuss the smell. UGH!!

There it is folks! My top 10 pet peeves. Drop me a line in the comments below by sharing some of yours. Until next time,


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