What is This Art Thing Anyways?

When deciding on a first post in the art department I got tangled up in so many ideas. There is just an abundance of amazing content in this area. The street art in Asheville is so full of life and awakening messages, not to mention the entire river arts district. Then there are the high end galleries in the banner elk area, they have that oh so classy vibe. Not to forget TRAC (Toe River Arts Council) in the rural counties, they have so much to show on the studio tours as well as the gallery. Then of course there is that un-sung newbie that everyone wants to be the first to present. Ahhhhh! Too many decisions, and I’m the worst at making them. I just want to tell the world about every tiny bit of it.

In my procrastination I sat back and put on some violin music (Lindsey Stirling of course) and pondered what art is. I mean we have a text book definition…. Then we have our own definition. The second is ours, it embodies our thoughts and feelings on a topic that we have grown so close to and is now a part of our being. Now you have your definition, and we have ours. Let’s talk about ours. This is my blog after all, right?

Let’s start by talking about how art comes to life. An artist has this creative, imaginative ideal, and they bring it to life in their own way, using a method that is unique to them. This creation is a part of what makes their work speak, it’s their emotions, ideals, and being. They’ve poured their heart and soul into it. It can’t be recreated, knocked off yes, but it’s never the same. The feeling won’t be there, once it’s knocked off it’s just barren and cold. Who wants something with no emotions? Well the dull and lifeless I suppose, but that’s definitely not me. If it’s you, then you should probably stop reading and go to some boring blog that is as dispassionate as you. Around here we want art that makes us feel, that captivates the senses, that is unique and thought provoking.

So what is this art thing?  It’s a creative embodiment of an artist’s inner ideals. It comes from inspiration and even inspires after it’s creation. It is beautiful and breathtaking, sometimes grotesque and gut wrenching, or even created to make a statement. Whatever it captures in it’s creation or gives rise to in it’s life, that’s what it is, to simply put it, it is inspiration.

I firmly believe our world needs to be inflamed and invigorated more now than ever. So many of us have fallen into that hum drum day to day rhythm. We need to be made to stop and think for ourselves. So that’s what this section of this blog is about, inspiration, awakening and maybe a little exhilaration . I will be posting frequent bouts of thought provoking creativity for my reader’s enjoyment through art. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we here at  Hand me the mountains do.

I also would like to note that I love suggestions and thoughtful conversation. If you know of any art/artist/gallery in the area that has not been covered here feel free to drop it in the comments, or if you just want to chit chat and add your thoughts drop those there as well.

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