Zojirushi Coffee Pot Makes Days at the Office a Little Easier

This is an honest and informative review of the Zojirushi Coffee Maker. I was not paid to write this review, but it does contain affiliate links.

I literally run on caffeine. I mean seriously, I need to just have an IV put in with a constant drip. Not really that would put me in a-fib. No one needs that.

The point is I’m constantly brewing coffee. Especially, when I’m in my office. Mostly because I can’t stand having that nasty burnt taste that occurs once a pot has sat on the warmer plate for too long.

To rectify this I decided to give the zojirushi coffee maker a try. It has a 10 cup carafe that was said to keep a brew hot just as long as my yeti does.

I’m always skeptical of hyped up reviews for expensive appliances. I own a Keurig that I barely use. It is convenient, but the quick brew just doesn’t have the bold taste I prefer.

The verdict:

Well the zojirushi coffee maker does keep coffee hot for an entire work day. Which means I only have to take the time to brew one pot.

It also brews a coffee that meets my taste standards. If you don’t know already, I’m picky as hell.

The other awesome thing about this zojirushi coffee maker is that it doesn’t leak when you remove the carafe mid brew. So if you just can’t wait for it to finish before having that first cup, then you won’t have a mess to clean up.

It also seems to be very sturdy. I like that because it should lasts longer than it’s cheap competitors. That makes it worth the money spent on it.

However, it only has a 1 year warranty. That’s a big con with this price tag. I typically prefer products with longer warranties. That ensures that you can keep the product for a longer time. Quality over quantity after all. I did read several reviews from people saying they’ve had their zojirushi for 4 plus years. So all in all it’s still a safe buy.

My other con is it’s bulky appearance. For my home bulky appliances are a no go. They look strange on my counter tops and it disturbs me. For the office though I actually needed the amazing carafe to keep me from brewing all day. That outweighed the appearance by far.


Even with the short warranty and the bulky appearance the Zojirushi was worth the price tag. Everyone at my office loves it and it makes my life easier by not having to brew constantly.

If you choose to buy the Zojirushi coffee maker you can find it on Amazon for $165 with free shipping! Here is the link Zojirushi Coffee Maker.


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